WayShowers Foundation is the heart of DharaviMarket.com. The Foundation is a charitable organisation while Dharavimarket.com is a For-profit venture focusing on the business generated by the Dharavi craftsmen.



The aim is to focus on holistic development of the people of Dharavi so that the locals too believe they have equal opportunities to grow and succeed. By creating the infrastructure and ecosystem needed, we hope to ‘show the way’ development needs to be done in informal sectors where win-win situations are created for the skilled craftsmen and their families, the consumers, the middle-men and the state.

WayShowers Foundation is a registered NGO under Registrar of Companies- Mumbai and its license number is 112041

What and How we do…Our Soccs Program.

We at Wayshowers Foundation believe that providing money or utility items directly to the craftsmen and their families will not make them self-reliant and hence focus on skill training and vocational education. The craftsmen will have to earn any personal benefits via our points based system called Soccs or Social Capital Credits Program.

For example, if the craftsmen gives the goods ordered on DharaviMarket.com on time or if he attends the export quality training workshop, he will be given 100 points. Once he collects 500 points, he can redeem the points to pay tuition fees for his children or get a free mobile recharge. Thus, they become more professional, clients are happier and his child’s education too is taken care of. DharaviMarket.com and its well-wishers will financially contribute towards the benefits received by the craftsmen families.

We will have a Soccs points earning menu and spending menus. Our focus areas for earning menu will revolve around:


  • Promoting health
  • Primary Education for the children
  • Training in Art, music & sports for children
  • Women Empowerment
  • Psychological Wellbeing
  • Workshop/House Development
  • Toolkit purchase


  • Making craftsmen more professional
  • Creating export quality products and reducing rejection rate
  • Capacity Building and Production Planning
  • Human Resource Management
  • Skills Training –IT and Vocational
  • Quality Control and Packaging
  • Waste management
  • Design and Crafts Documentation
  • Business Counselling and understanding latest trends

“We want our skilled craftsmen to succeed as entrepreneurs, artisans and human beings and sense a feeling of contentment in life.”